By LeeWEpstein

November 6, 2019

Consumers choose microdosing for several reasons. Some use this method to reduce their consumption, others want to optimize their purchase. However, most micro-doses simply want to increase and maintain the effects of their regular THC consumption. We have investigated this question further to select the best reasons to microdose your cannabis.

  Advantages of cannabis microdosing

  • Treating diseases: About 40 diseases respond to cannabis treatments.
  • Be clear-minded: taking a small dose when you get tired or by anticipating fatigue, you can manage your day accordingly.
  • Remain socially active: Microdosing is therefore useful for those who need a helping hand to adopt active and consistent social behavior.
  • Longer consumption: In fact,the appropriate dose depends on the amount of THC. But, only trial and error will help you establish an effective treatment.
  • Learning microdosing: Dr. Dustin Sulak recommended abstaining from cannabis for 2 days. On the third day, consume 1 milligram of THC and 1 milligram of CBD.
  • Easy to use: Once you understand the essential goal , your use will be easier and you will have better management of your doses.
  • Dose responsibly: It allows you to better measure absorption and its effects while controlling your physical and mental state.
  • Reduce side effects: Basically,a low dose of regular cannabis is not intoxicating to the user.

Improve Cannabis Effects  

With micro-dosing, we get the most out of a minimum quantity. Thus, micro dosing can regulate mood, stimulate creativity or improve sports, yoga or meditation sessions.

Micro dosing is logical and disciplined. This should not discourage any consumer. However, microdosing is not recommended for those who just want significant and rapid psychotropic effects.

However, if you want a minimal effect, microdosing is the most recommended. Given its functioning, its impact in any dosage form, so,microdosing is ideal for those who want or need more control over benefits and side effects.

However, there is a concern about the accuracy and reliability of the labeling. Without this, it is impossible to do a correct or easy dosage. Therefore,without data on cannabis content, THC / CBD ratio or density, it is difficult to make a good microdose.

In short,With more information about what cannabis contains, you can measure with more accuracy and confidence

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