By LeeWEpstein

June 1, 2020


Hemp is a multi-purpose plant that can be used to produce many types of materials and products, whether in food, cosmetics, or industry. This year, 6 innovations made using hemp as the main material compete to be recognized as Innovation of the Year.

Best Hemp Product of the Year

EIHA, the European Industrial Hemp Association, meets as every year on June 16th for its annual conference, but also to award the prize for the “Hemp Product of the Year 2020”. In this framework, six candidates have been selected and will, therefore, be present to present their products.

The candidates could present “applications and market-ready products based on industrial hemp, covering food and beverages, bio-composites, textiles, and hemp harvesting technology”. Following a selection made by a jury consisting of representatives of Nova-Institute, the organization, and the sponsors, 6 finalists were thus elected and will be presented at this annual EIHA conference.

The 6 best hemp products 2020

The 6 candidates who have been shortlisted to present their product at this conference to compete for the election of the Hemp Product of the Year 2020 are :

  • ABAGUNA RESEARCH (Spain): “Satibasque Cannabis Aromatic Bitter”, an artisanal line of bitter cocktails incorporating hemp root and hemp seed proteins as flavor fixers in the manufacturing process.
  • BUT – Angewandte Innovative Materialien GmbH (Germany): Mobile phone cover made of bio-composite hemp, a sustainable mobile phone cover made of handmade bio-composite hemp containing more than 95% bio-materials.
  • ENAT, ADRAR NOUH, ENSA (Morocco) and Fraunhofer CSP (Germany): “SUN IMPLANT” a modular off-grid hemp house that incorporates a spherical skin of hemp fiber bio-composites with integrated solar technology.
  • Henry’s Hemp Harvester (Germany): “HHHarvester” a double module front-loading accessory for harvesting industrial hemp flowers and stems, designed for small and medium-sized farms.
  • Sächsisches Textilforschungsinstitut e.V. (Germany): “Lyohemp ™” knitwear, which is made from an innovative cellulosic artificial fiber based on a dissolving paste derived from organic hemp.
  • Suomen Hampputuotteet Oy (Finland): “Wild Blueberry Hemp Milk” a high-pressure pasteurized hemp milk (HPP) made from Finnish organic hemp seed germ and freeze-dried Nordic wild berries, developed in a unique manufacturing process, it is cold-pressed and preserves all nutrients.
Conference of the European Industrial Hemp Association 2020: the program

Candidates will make short presentations at the online edition of the EIHA conference, which will mark its 17th year in 2020. Conference participants will then vote for a grand prize winner, sponsored by Hemp for Health Canada.

More than 30 speakers from leading hemp companies and institutes will speak at the annual EIHA conference, which brings together experts from around the world to discuss the latest developments in the use of hemp for fibers, fibers, seeds, oil and CBD, and applications, including textiles, building materials, bio-composites for packaging and automotive, food and feed, food supplements and pharmaceuticals.

The conference program includes discussions after each presentation as well as two roundtable discussions with leading experts and participants.

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