By LeeWEpstein

October 24, 2018

Cannabis consumers have never been so imaginative. Why roll a joint when, in countries where medical and / or recreational cannabis is legal, you can both relieve your cravings and your natural needs. Hunger? Take a chocolate bar infused with cannabis. Thirst? A little ginger drink – canna. Do you prefer to vape? Catch your Storm. Do you prefer tinctures (infused cannabis in alcohol)? Make a lot of Green Dragon. Cannabis-infused toothpicks, shampoos, ice creams, etc. … But that’s not all!


The Colorado Mary’s Medicinal brand sells transdermal patches of 5cm by 5, in 6 different varieties. They thus slowly and regularly deliver a medical dosage over time. In short,Patients simply put the patch on a venous area for it to begin to take effect. It is a very healthy alternative to pharmaceutical options.

Dermatological creams

Developed by Oregon’s Peak Extracts, Rescue Rub Cream is a cream for inflammation, pain or skin problems. Moreover,it was created by combining essential oils extracted with CO2 with different Chinese herbs. Besides, it helps with insomnia. Just,apply it to the base of your neck and welcome to the land of dreams.

Vaginal suppositories

Finally, there are natural ways to lessen the symptoms of menstruation. Based in California, Foria produces vaginal suppositories based on organic cocoa butter supplemented with THC and CBD.

They are done to relieve pelvic inflammation and pain by calming the muscles around the ovary, cervix, and uterus without causing psychotropic effects. Also,the compounds present in cannabis activate the essential cannabinoid receptors in the pelvic area, which considerably reduces the pain.

Sensual lubricants

Luminous Botanicals, the first Oregon company to offer a sensual cannabis oil, discovered that THC can boost orgasms for men and women. So,their Dew blend is composed of 25mg of THC per milliliter, coconut oil and almond, and other essential oils. Also, This product is not compatible with latex condoms

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