post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a common anxiety disorder called “post-trauma” or “battle shock” . It affects about 9% of the general population. It arises from a traumatic event that involves extreme pressure or prolonged existential anxiety. People diagnosed with PTSD tend to experience symptoms that exclude them from social functioning and cause them to feel isolated. CBD proves to be able to relieve symptoms, anxiety, and isolation.Thus significantly improve patients’ quality of life.

How is Post Trauma Caused?

In general,Post-traumatic development is a result of exposure to various traumatic events. Such as victims of road accidents, rape, abuse, natural disasters, and terror. 

The traumatic experience is sociable with classical conditioning to neutral stimuli . Besides various triggers like: sounds, smells, sounds and characters and immediately evoke the trauma fully and realistically.

The treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder

The drugs used in those with PTSD are mainly antidepressants, most common sedatives from the Benzodiazepines such as Valium and Clonex.

In the long-term treatment of these drugs, there is a possibility of liver damage. Also, paradoxical reactions may occur, an increase in anxiety and suicidal thoughts.

Cannabis for the treatment of PTSD 

In fact,PTSD is one of the most common syndromes curable with medical cannabis in the world. As many studies and evidence supporting the ability of cannabis to alleviate syndrome symptoms.

Moreover,the cannabinoids found in cannabis activate receptors in the nervous system, affecting relaxation and memory areas in the brain, reducing the damage of the syndrome.

For instance, a study examining the relationship between the cannabinoid system and PTSD found that cannabis allows the brain to reduce the onset of trauma.

Also,in 2014, the Journal of Psychoactive Drugs published a study shows that using cannabis can reduce 75% of the symptoms . Such as anxiety and nightmares, regulating sleep and improving mood, with better results compared to drug therapy and no effects Side effect included.

Unfortunately, there are very stringent conditions that put the traumatic sufferer facing a long period of suffering, dysfunction, and danger of developing an addiction to harmful drugs, instead of giving him the appropriate treatment like cannabis and improving his condition immediately. 

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