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January 4, 2019

1.The 4 most significant CBD health benefits for your pets

  • Cancer
  • Seizures
  • anxiety
  • pain 

2. CBD and Dogs 

  • How to Choose a good CBD oil for your dog?
  • How to give your dog CBD oil ?

3.CBD and cats 

  4.CBD and horses

Through this article, we will highlight the numerous health benefits of using CBD for pets, and how CBD can help both pets and their owners. 

       1. The 4 most significant CBD health benefits for your pets

Pet owners have used it for a wide range of therapeutic and behavioral disorders – tumor pain, inflammation, muscle spasms, seizures, neurological or stomach-related disorders, anxiety, and memory problems. numerous proprietors have also used CBD-infused products for their pets. Here is a list of the five most significant benefits of CBD for pets:

  • Cancer

 Research indicates that CBD may stop the development of cancer cells. In the same way, it helps to improve the effectiveness of traditional medicines and resolves certain of their side effects.

  • Seizures

Based on a study by Evan C. Rosenberg, Richard W. Tsien, Benjamin J. Whalley, and Orrin Devinsky, CBD reduces seizures to zero over time. In addition, its interaction with endocannabinoid receptors inhibits seizure neurotoxicity.

  • Pain

Animals can suffer from joint pain, you can notice that their mobility is slower, or that they have lost appetite. Preparatory data show that the connection of CBD with CB1 receptors is essential for the treatment of chronic pain in pets. It reduces the feeling of pain and relieves the body.

  • Anxiety

Anxiety may affect any pet, small or big. Using CBD for pets against anxiety will help them remain calm, and react more quickly in stressful situations. CBD is currently used by many patients (humans and animals) as an alternative treatment, with no unwanted reactions.

      2. CBD and dogs 

we will look at why you should strongly consider giving CBD to your dog on a daily basis in a variety of common health problems.

  • CBD is not psychoactive
  • CBD oil reduces anxiety
  • CBD can fight cancer
  • CBD relieves pain
  •  CBD can help seizures
  • CBD can help with inflammatory bowel disease 
  • CBD can help with neurodegenerative diseases 
  • CBD fosters the cardiovascular system 

                CBD oil for dogs is legal and safe 

many studies on the health benefits of CBD, the most encouraging result is that CBD is safe.many pet owners and holistic vets are drawn to its diverse and marked health benefits and they feel good knowing that the side effects are mild and that animals don’t appear to build up an addiction.

             How to Choose a good CBD oil for your dog?

Not all CBD oils are the same. You would want to choose a high-quality CBD oil, so here are a few things to look for: 

  • Make sure the product is organic 
  • Don’t cheap out: The higher the quality and purity, the higher the cost of the product. 
  • Buy CBD as oil drops: You can buy CBD in treats, but the best form is in a tincture. This way, you can adjust your dog’s dose drop by drop to make sure he gets the exact quantity.

                 CBD oil dosage for your dog

Before you start giving your dog CBD oil, it is important for you to know the required dosage. It is the only way for your dog to get all the benefits that come with the product. Here is the recommended dosage of CBD oil according to the weight and size of the dog:

  • A small dog of the size of 10 kg should have 4-6 drops daily of our 3% Pet CBD oil.
  • Medium size dogs of weight 10 to 25 kg. should have 8-12 drops daily of our 3% Pet CBD oil.
  • Large size dog of weight 25 kg or more should have about 15 drops daily of our 3% Pet CBD oil. 

                How to give your dog CBD oil?

We all know that dogs are not really fans of medications. In the beginning, you will have to forcefully put the oil in your dog`s mouth, because that is the only possible way. Within a few days, the animal would most probably get used to the oil.

3.CBD and cats 

CBD has recently been blowing up in the media and in the market for pet uses for a while now. Every CBD website has an added section for CBD oils or treats for animals. but why CBD is so good for you and your animals? 

             Can CBD oil help cats?

CBD oil has been used on cats for:

Vets have even begun to recommend the use of CBD on dogs and cats as a natural supplement to help with a large number of issues before they happen.

      Side effects

There are some side effects to using CBD, but none of them have a big negative effect on the felines. CBD causes drowsiness and increases appetite. If your cat is already overweight, it is very important to stick with their diet while using CBD. 

         4. CBD and horses 

CBD can be of help for animals just as much as it is for humans, and horses are no exception.

Horses are prone to getting joint and muscle aches and pains, plus disorders like arthritis. Moreover, horses easily get more anxious than normal. Another problem they may have is connected to digestion. CBD can be the solution for all these issues.

       CBD benefits for horse  

    Can CBD oil help my horse?

Cannabinoids can help horses from so many different perspectives that it can be extremely hard to believe how much can be accomplished with a little bit of CBD oil in a horse`s daily diet.

CBD oil has awesome benefits for you and your horses – it will help them grow and be as healthy as they can possibly be, whether they are racers, farm-working horses, or just pets.  

        CBD oil is a very helpful supplement that does not have many harmful side effects. The worst thing that could happen is an enhanced appetite.

CBD is helpful – not harmful to pets.

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