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August 27, 2020


Experts from Warsaw zoo test CBD oils effect on elephants’ moods 

The Warsaw Zoo is one of the first to introduce cannabidiol as an experimental treatment on its elephants. Animals at the zoo will receive cannabis extract as part of a program to determine whether it can reduce anxiety. The first to receive the experimental treatment are the elephants.

The study aims to assess the impact of cannabidiol oil (CBD), whose active ingredient is a chemical derived from the cannabis plant – on the mood of different animals. Elephants were chosen as the first subjects because they are subject to stress but also easy to monitor.

“We know what each of our elephants eats, how they behave, if they have behavioral problems, what their position in the group is,” says Agnieszka Czujkowska, a veterinary doctor and head of the zoo’s animal rehabilitation department, quoted by Polsat News.

We can check their current state of health by examining their blood,” she continues. If the results are good, we hope to be able to introduce other animals to hemp.

Elephants at the Warsaw Zoo have recently found themselves in a difficult situation, reports Gazeta Wyborcza. In March of this year, 35-year-old Erna, the largest and oldest of the females, died. It caused stress and tension for her two young companions, Fredzia and Buba.

Patryk Pyciński – the keeper of elephants in the Warsaw Zoological Garden, talks about the habits and behavior of these intelligent and sensitive animals.

After the loss of the head of the herd, Fredzia and Buba are going through a difficult period related to the establishment of a new hierarchy, which is all the more difficult as they are only a group of two, explains Patryk Pyciński, the zoo’s mammal keeper.

The females are very close to each other and now have to thrive, which creates a lot of stress, he added. It can take months or even years for elephants to cope with such a change. We are trying to help them regain their psychophysical balance.

Although derived from cannabis, CBD oil does not cause intoxication or high. It is considered by some to be a natural remedy for several ailments, particularly as a means of regulating mood. In addition to humans, some pet owners praise the benefits of administering the product to cats and dogs.

Małgorzata Fabiańska, a veterinary technician at Dobre, says he has used it successfully on horses, said that it has helped reduce pain and swelling while alleviating anxiety symptoms.

His company and the Warsaw Zoo say this is the first known case of CBD used on elephants. The oil is going into the animals’ food, but zookeepers will also try to administer the substance directly into their mouths so that it is better absorbed.

It all depends on their taste and smell,” says Czajkowska. So far, there have been no ‘complaints’ in the tests we’ve done.

The first elephant to receive the experimental treatment was Fredzia, who showed signs of stress after Erna’s death. Andrzej Grzegorz Kruszewicz, director of the Warsaw Zoo, said that anxiety in elephants is a common problem.

Stress in elephants is a very familiar subject,” he said. Many studies exist in this area, but we have not yet found a description of a similar project, so we are happy to be able to implement it.

Many factors can cause an elephant not to be itself.

Dr. Agnieszka Serkowska from Warsaw Zoo talks about a new research project in which Dobre Konopie is helping!

Garden staff will test the effect of CBD oils on the mood of elephants.

Initially, we will give the oils to a slightly stressed Fredzia, who is having a little trouble finding her place in the herd after Erna’s recent death.

If the experiment is successful, other animals in the zoo will also receive the CBD oil. Among the next ones are rhinos and bears,” spokeswoman Anna Karczewska  said.

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