By LeeWEpstein

November 9, 2018

Once people learn about the many benefits CBD can have for their animal’s health , Check out The Ultimate Guide to CBD for horses , the next logical question is, “how much CBD do I give my horse?” we recommend you begin with this informative article:

 The most effective way to find an adequate CBD dosage is to start with a small dose and then increase the dosage slowly over a period of time:

1) Determine your initial baseline daily dose. (Suggested initial dose of 40 mg CBD per day)

2)Establish the incremental dosage (step) you will use to slowly increase the daily dose for each step. (Suggested increase of 20 mg)

3) Start CBD at the basic daily dose for 7 full days (40 mg per day). The 7 days give the CBD time to build a cumulative effect.

4) After 7 days at your base dose, if you do not receive the desired results, increase the dose by one step (20 mg) to create a new base dose.

5) (day 8 – 10), administer the new increased dose (40 mg + 20 mg).

6) Repeat the operation. After 3 days of administration at the new dose, if you still have not obtained the desired results, continue to increase the dose by 20 mg every 3 days.

7) Refine the dosage. Once you have found the right dose for your pet, you can refine the dosage by reversing the process and reducing the dosage in small steps of 5 mg in 3-day increments to obtain a more accurate dosage.

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