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When you hear the expression “CBD pet oil”, your initial answer could be something like: “I’m not giving weed to my pet! “. That’s right. We don’t blame you.  But what if we told you that CBD is not really what you may think it is?

Your pet cannot be stoned with CBD because the only way your furry friend can get high from CBD is if they take it with a high percentage of THC. Small amounts of THC are not enough to produce the sensation of being high or buzzing, but if you are concerned about even minimal levels of THC, use pure CBD oil.

     How can you treat your dog with CBD oil when it is still not legally acceptable to humans?

CBD oil is becoming increasingly popular among people because it is not a psychoactive drug.

CBD offers many benefits to the health of pets and people for a more basic understanding of CBD , check out my articles for pets here and humans here.

Your pet may have a life-changing experience with CBD, particularly if it is suffering from cardiovascular disease, autoimmune disease, inflammatory bowel disease, neurodegenerative disease or cancer, to name a few.

     CBD pet oil is not harmful:

  • Non-toxic

  • Natural

  • Proven efficiency

  • Free of synthetic substances

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