By LeeWEpstein

June 2, 2020


A few months ago we already mentioned the study on the action of CBD for osteoarthritis in dogs. Different from osteoarthritis but very similar to it, arthritis can also affect our four-legged friends in a more or less severe way. A recent study suggests the possibility of using CBD to improve the symptoms of arthritis in dogs.

What is the difference between osteoarthritis and arthritis?
  • Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis is defined as a mechanical pathology because the cartilage in the joints is damaged to a greater or lesser extent. If the phenomenon continues, the bones may become unprotected and collide directly with each other. While it is age-related in a large proportion of cases, overweight or a high level of physical activity can cause this type of pathology in animals, especially dogs.

  • Arthritis

Arthritis is an inflammation of this joint: quinines will form and destroy the joint concerned over time. The pain is frequent and disparate and generally dissipates when one practices a physical activity. Generally located on the hands and feet, arthritis can also affect animals, including dogs.

Arthritis in dogs

Arthritis is a recurring problem in dogs, especially older dogs: nearly 90% of them develop osteoarthritis or arthritis. Generally polyarticular as in humans is not very visible because dogs cannot express their pain. However, it is just as painful and disabling. It is very important to detect its appearance or allow your dog to prevent this pathology through a healthy and reasoned diet.

Study of the effect of CBD on arthritis in dogs

Today, CBD for animals is increasingly used and recognized for its relaxing and soothing action. Our article dedicated to the effects of CBD on animals is available here.

Potential therapeutic effects of CBD for arthritic pain in dogs

A team led by researchers at Baylor College of Medicine has conducted the first scientific studies to evaluate the potential therapeutic effects of cannabidiol (CBD) for arthritis pain in dogs, and the results could pave the way for studying its effects in humans.

Researchers initially focused on these animals because their condition closely mimics the characteristics of human arthritis, the leading cause of pain and disability in the United States for which there is no effective treatment. Published in the journal PAIN, the study first showed in both laboratory tests and tests in mouse models that CBD, a non-addictive product derived from hemp (cannabis), can significantly reduce the production of inflammatory molecules and immune cells associated with arthritis.

Subsequently, the study showed that in dogs diagnosed with the disease, treatment with CBD significantly improved quality of life, as evidenced by both owner and veterinarian evaluations.

This study supports the future scientific evaluation of CBD for human arthritis.

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