CBD products for pets are becoming more and more popular and allow you to enjoy the effects of CBD on your pet. As for humans, cannabidiol can be an effective dietary supplement for your dog or cat.


Mammals and in general vertebrate animals have an endocannabinoid system that allows them to be sensitive to cannabinoids. Animals are particularly sensitive to the CBD molecule and can therefore benefit from its effects in many fields of application. When talking about CBD for animals, we usually refer to the most common pets, namely dogs and cats. Some products are also available for large mammals, such as horses.


In 2016 already, a study conducted by the association “American Holistic Veterinary Medical” allowed to give the word to people using CBD on their animals and to highlight the health benefits of their companions. The study shows that for more than 60% of respondents, CBD has had medium to excellent effects, in many medical aspects: anxiety reduction, skin problems or inflammation treatment …

Research on the use of CBD on animals is developing to provide clues for possible applications for the following disorders: Dogs with epilepsy participated in a study conducted by Dr. Stephanie McGrath at a Colorado veterinary hospital.  

 Dr. McGrath noted a decrease in seizures in 89% of treated dogs, suggesting potential positive effects on this type of condition.

 Another US study conducted by Professor Gamble LJ at the Cornell University School of Veterinary Medicine has shown significant effects on the treatment of pain in dogs with osteoarthritis.

Based on the effects sought by human consumers, CBD could also affect the stress and anxiety of our pets. There are already many dietary supplements to reduce stress of dogs or cats, and CBD could also allow you to reduce anxiety of your pet to provide a better life.

The effects of CBD on animals are often relayed by pet owners who have noticed an improvement in the condition of their pets.

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