By LeeWEpstein

July 7, 2020


CBD is now recognized for its use by many consumers to relieve anxiety, stress, and depression. Numerous articles and scientific studies are available on the subject. For animals, it is the same.

What is the cause of anxiety?

Anxiety and stress can affect our four-legged friends (or just two) in different ways, just like we humans do. Several common causes are the main sources of anxiety for animals, separated into two categories:

The situation/time: Anything foreign to the animal’s natural environment can be taken as stressful in the first place: a stranger coming home for the first time, a thunderstorm or fireworks that create panic, or simply a long and harrowing plane trip.
Behavior: such as the stress of separation or being away from someone close to you.

Symptoms of anxiety in animals

  • Moaning
  • Tremors
  • Aggression
  • Lip Lick
  • Loss of appetite
  • Isolation

How CBD affects anxiety and stress

Unlike THC, CBD does not cause psychotropic effects: it is, therefore, safe to use, as animals cannot tolerate the use of products that disrupt their perception. Influencing, like all cannabinoids, the endocannabinoid system, CBD is a natural molecule for both humans and animals. This system regulates the body’s equilibrium to maintain its equilibrium (temperature, stress, sleep, etc…).

As in this Brazilian study, which you can find by clicking here, CBD is known to be able to relieve and reduce anxiety, thanks to its action on the body:

Studies using animal models of anxiety and involving healthy volunteers suggest an anxiolytic effect of CBD. Also, CBD has been shown to reduce anxiety in patients with a social anxiety disorder.

In several studies, the scientists’ results and conclusions are the same: “CBD does cause an anxiolytic effect” as stated here, or “CBD is associated with a reduction in anxiety” in this study as well.

How can I use CBD for my pet to relieve anxiety?

To administer CBD to your pet, you must use CBD products that are adapted to their needs.

To administer it to them, it’s very simple: put the CBD oil under his tongue, using the various safe means available in the CBD animal oils, or put the oil directly on his food. If you use CBD treats, you can feed them normally.

Start on very low intakes, then increase as you can feel. If your CBD product is of good quality, your pet will be delighted.

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