By LeeWEpstein

June 12, 2019

Your pet’s sickness is always scary, but seizures are one of the most frightening things. Because they happen suddenly and seem very worrying and, unless we are informed about them, we have no idea what to do for our pet. Fortunately, CBD oil helps pets with seizures.

     CBD oil may be helpful for cats with seizures

  • Have fewer and less severe crises
  • Reduce the inflammation that causes seizures sometimes.
  • Manage and repair brain damage.
  • Improve mental functions.
  • Reduce anxiety.
  • Improve mood and behavior.

    If your cat is on conventional treatments but suffers from side effects, CBD oil may be able to soften the impact of the side effects so that the cat can continue to take the treatment.

It is scientifically proved that CBD helps humans and dogs with seizures.

      CBD oil dosage for cat seizures

0.5 mg twice daily is a good starting dose for the management of seizures in cats. They can be up to 3 mg per day, if necessary. You should always start with the smallest amount and work, waiting two to four weeks before increasing the dose, if possible, to give this dose enough time to prove its effectiveness.

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