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Even though cancer is not as frequent in cats as in dogs, it still infects a few of our cats. 

Feline melanoma differs from human melanoma. But it can appear anywhere on their skin, even their paws, and it can be in their eyes and mouth. Fortunately, it’s quite rare, but because it grows so fast, you want to be aware of its potential and take your cat to the vet as soon as you suspect it.

It can take the form of a hump, spot, stain, spot, or raised area, individually or in groups. In the eye, the first sign may be that the iris is changing color or becoming darker. There may be some eye discharge.

   CBD effects on melanoma :

CBD has been shown to help relieve epilepsy, pain, inflammation and even skin conditions. To learn more about the benefits of CBD click here.

  •  inflammation relief
  • relieve skin irritation 
  • kill cancer cells
  • slowing the aggressive growth of skin cancer

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