This interesting component is also available in seeds and flax fiber. It retains the anti-inflammatory properties of cannabis and its treatment does not alter cannabidiol levels or its effectiveness. Professionals from a Polish university made this discovery a few years ago. However, it is not the only plant that has these characteristics.


Cannabinoids, molecules synthesized from lipids that act on cannabinoid receptors,used to belong to the to cannabis. However, recent studies show that these types of compounds are commonly exist in many other plants and are also occur naturally in the human body , in animals and can be obtainable in the laboratory.

In fact, there are many types of cannabinoids and new ones are constantly under discovery in different plants. One of them is flax, a valuable source of fiber, seeds, and oil that was widely under the studies in the past and prove to have many health benefits.

In 2012, researchers discovered that flaxseed and its fiber produced compounds very similar to those of cannabinoids and that they had similar anti-inflammatory effects.

Moreover, professionals at the Faculty of Biotechnology at the University of Wroclaw, Poland, conducted experiments with mice and observed that this plant generated a kind of cannabinoid that acted biologically on animals in the same way as cannabis cannabidiol (CBD). They then realized that it produced CBD, a type of cannabinoid that causes many therapeutic effects. They also concluded that the treatment of the fiber did not alter the levels of this element or its activity.

In fact, it is not the only plant that generates such a characteristic element of cannabis. A few years ago, another study revealed that cannabigérol (CBG) and its precursor cannabigerolic acid (CBGA) were present in other South African grasses. Other studies indicate that cannabichromene (CBC) is present in Chinese rhododendron.

Finally, these examples show that cannabis is composed of very natural elements found in our environment. Understanding the purity of things will make the most reluctant people aware of the purity of our favorite plant.

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