By LeeWEpstein

May 21, 2019

Cannabis tinctures are not necessarily the most popular way to consume cannabis. However, they make it possible to preserve all the therapeutic benefits of cannabis, without the harmfulness of combustion. If you’ve never heard of cannabis tinctures, catch-up session right now.


What is a cannabis tincture?

Cannabis tinctures are called in several ways: sometimes green dragon or green dragon, golden dragon or dragon’s breath. But nothing to do with Games of Thrones: they are above all alcohol-based cannabis extracts.

Cannabis tinctures were part of the pharmacopoeia for a long time, until 1942 for the United States, 1977 for Australia and in the 1970s for the United Kingdom. At the time, it was the most popular way of using cannabis for therapeutic purposes until other alternatives emerged (intravenous, water-soluble analgesics, opioids, etc.).

Basically, tinctures are administered at a sublingual level, which ensures a rapid reaction, with venous blood from the oral mucosa passing directly into the superior vena cava. Depending on the mixture, the effects are felt between 10 and 45 minutes after consumption.


Why do patients use cannabis tinctures?

Medical patients who use cannabis generally prefer consumption other than combustion, for obvious health reasons. The alternatives are then the consumption of space food or the application of transdermal patches.

The advantage of dyes is that they contain very few calories compared to edibles.

Tinctures can also be added to almost anything: smoothies, juices, desserts, sauces, soups or even ice cream. They also have a long shelf life if stored in cool, dark places.


How are cannabis tinctures made?

There are several recipes for cannabis tinctures . They are usually made by soaking dried and decarboxylated cannabis flowers in alcohol (brandy or ethyl alcohol between 96 and 99%) in a glass container for 10 days, then allowing part of the solvent to evaporate to further concentrate the product. THC, CBD and other cannabinoids then dissolve in alcohol and the result will be a green liquid. There could be a small deposit in the bottom of the container. A simple filtration, with a coffee filter for example, will make it possible to get rid of it.

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