About CBDci

CBD.ci was funded by a group of friends very passionate about CBD.

What we all share is a past full of pain and health issues that regular medicine has done very little to help us with.

At this different stages of our lives we had finally found relief using CBD and started using it on a regular basis and just could not believe how little information was out there when we first started researching it.

We were so grateful for experiencing this miracle that we decided to start this blog, with the goal being educating as many people in need as possible about this plant-based holistic approach.

Luckily the miracles of CBD are now well known to many of us and curing every day more people in a cheap, definitive and natural way… with no side effects!

CBD works and it’s a proven fact. Our editors are just few of the many living proof.

Of course the big pharma corporations don’t want you to know about it, because they make money from sick people needing their meds for as long as possible and CBD is way too cheap and cures people way too fast for them to ever allow it to go too mainstream.

Luckily, thanks to independent writers such as ourselves, journalists and the power of the Internet, CBD is now more popular than ever and helping cure more and more people from all sort of pains/diseases.

Help us spread the word by sharing our blog and articles — and if you suffer from any sort of pain do yourself a favor by trying CBD today.

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