About CBDci & Me

My name is Lucas De Vries, I was born and raised in Zaandam, a small town near Amsterdam in the Netherlands.

I moved to San Diego, California after graduating about 7 years ago, trying to chase the “American Dream” and become an accomplished vet as I really love animals and nature in general.

Unfortunately shortly after moving to the U.S. a bad car accident left me with a traumatic spinal injury and I had to start getting huge amount of traditional pain killers post surgery just to be able to function and alleviate the excruciating pain.

This left me broke (if you suffer from any kind of chronic pain you know yourself how expensive traditional medication can be), irritable, suffering from quite a few side effects and also overall DID NOT cured me and rather just give me some sort of relief

Overall I constantly had to battle with the pain and I was never fully recovered from the accident.

Eventually, as I was feeling hopeless and wondering if I was ever going to live a normal life again, I tried to reach out to some people back in my own country, which happens to be one of the most advanced when it comes to plant based/holistic medicine.

Just like that my life changed: As I had almost lost all hope, I found healing and wholeness on a plant-based path to recovery.

The miracles of CBD Oil are now well known to many of us and curing every day more people in a cheap, definitive and natural way… with no side effects!

I was so grateful for experiencing this miracle that I decided to start this blog, with my goal being educating as many people in need as possible about this new plant-based holistic approach.

CBD Oil works and it's a fact. I am one (of the many) living proofs. But the big pharma corporations don't want you to know about it, because they make money from sick people needing their pills for as long as possible and CBD oil is way too cheap and cures you way too fast for them to ever allow it to go too mainstream.

Luckily, thanks to independent writers such as myself, journalists and the power of the Internet, the world is changing and this valuable information is getting out there and is curing more and more people for all sort of pains/diseases.

Help me spread the word by sharing my blog and articles — and if you suffer from any sort of pain do yourself a favor by trying CBD Oil today.

With love,

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