At, our mission is to lead the deregulated CBD industry into a new era of transparency by carefully curating clinically researched CBD knowledge, as well as guarding the integrity of the CBD industry through highlighting brands driven by science and condemning brands driven by profit.

What is Seed to Oil?

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We have a unique philosophy about the CBD we curate for our customers – they must all be from “seed to oil brands”. Our concept grew from a riff on the farm to table concept for food. The farm to table movement started in 1914 as a way to localize food systems and create a stronger and more trustworthy food product chain between the farmer and the consumer.

At®, we take that same farm to table concept, apply it to CBD and only curate brands which practice this seed to oil model. This means that the CBD products on our website only come from American family-farmers who handle and manage all aspects of growing and producing organic hemp into the CBD products we know and love. 

Our seed to oil model allows us to bypass the danger created by the deregulated CBD marketplace. We know how powerful and restorative CBD can be, so we take the same care in sourcing our seed to oil products as a 5 star restaurant takes in its farm to table meals!

Partnering only with seed to oil brands allows us to curate products and brands that care as much about CBD as we do! Furthermore, we only support brands who promote CBD products proven to be effective based on the most recently published clinical articles. 

You can be sure that any CBD product you choose from have the purest and safest form of CBD available.

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We carefully select and vet each CBD producer, through both online and industry associates, before deciding to partner with them. While there are not many official verification mechanisms in the CBD industry, at, we only work with brands who grow “certified organic” hemp flower on American-owned, family farms. 

We are proud that our standards are considered stringent in the CBD industry. These standards make certain that we know exactly what is in the CBD products we offer and ensure that they are among the most potent and pure on the market, so our customers can fully trust our recommendations and receive all of the purported benefits of their CBD products